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Our New Program - The Ultimate Time Management Coaching Program

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There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you should be doing in your business, but always being tied up dealing with putting out fires and constant interruptions and distractions in your day.

The Ultimate Time Management Coaching Program, is designed to help you discover and develop the skills you need to free up your time everyday and enable you to get those important things done.

Our Main Key objective has always been to create effective and affordable coaching programs that everyone one can access. Also this program has you being accountable to other business owners as well as us. 

You will find not only do you get the support from Peter and Suzanne, but your fellow businesses that you will be with, also give you support too. You won't ever feel alone in business again.

Monthly Ultimate Time Management Accountability Sessions
After attending our Ultimate Time Management Workshop, you will attend our monthly coaching sessions where your coach and group members will help you stay focused on implementing your new time management skills and hold you accountable for doing what you say you are going to do. 

Time Management Skill Development
Throughout the program, you will be constantly developing your time management skills through workshop segments and role plays. You will also constantly receive time management hints and tips.

Leadership Skill Development
In the program, you will also receive coaching and skill development in the areas of, recruiting, leadership and creating a sustainable business as your needs require.

Being able to control your day and manage your time effectively, requires business owners to have knowledge and skills in 7 key areas of business;

  1. Planning
  2. Time Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Recruiting Quality people
  6. Leadership
  7. Creating a Sustainable business

The Time Retriever Ultimate Time Management Group Coaching program is designed to help you build the skills and knowledge your require in each of these areas, to help you have the time available to achieve what you want to achieve in your business and your personal life.

We want to help you get twice as much done every day and have time left over to do the things you love to do.

The fee for the Group Coaching Program in $195.00 per month.

As a part of the whole coaching program, you will receive educational material, books, video or audio material which will enable you to continually develop your business knowledge and motivation. You will also have access to your coach during the month.

To see where we will be holding one in your area 

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